Production Team

From left: T.R. Reid, Lisa Hartman, Rich Lerner, Mark McLaughlin.
T.R. Reid interviews retired doctor Steve Meacham while Drew Levinson (sound), Rich Lerner (camera), and Ryan Cook (production assistant) record the scene. (Photo by Lisa Hartman)

T.R. Reid (Writer, On-Air Correspondent): The longtime foreign correspondent for The Washington Post is the author of the best-selling book, The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care (2009).

Lisa Hartman (Producer): The president of Photopia Productions LLC has produced and directed NBC’s News for Kids and a series of educational programs for K-12 teachers. She also was a producer for the Art of Teaching the Arts for Annenberg Media. This is her first program for PBS.

Rich Lerner (Director of Photography): The veteran cinematographer’s work also can be seen in the Academy Award-winning documentary A Story of Healing, multiple PBS documentaries, PBS’s Frontline, and the BBC series Nature. He has been principal cameraman for several episodes of NOVA on PBS.

Ted Winterburn (Editor): Editor of major offerings for PBS’s Frontline, American Masters, and other high-profile programs. He began his editing career in New York with ABC sports for The American Sportsman. Winterburn lives in Denver.

Ed Stein (Story Consultant): The nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist, comic strip cartoonist, and writer, formerly worked at the Rocky Mountain News.

Miriam Lewin (Consulting Producer): She has served as the series producer for several large-scale educational packages for Annenberg Media. Her most recent project is the radio series Song of America, hosted by opera star Thomas Hampson.